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At Leverage Tax Services, we understand that each tax situation is unique. In resolving your tax issue, we understand that a one-size-fits-all program is not an option. We will inform our clients of the best possible program for their needs.

We are highly ethical, and our goal is to protect our clients from the non-scrupulous.

We are highly skilled in the following areas:

  • Levy or Garnishment Release (Bank, Wage, and Retirement)

  • Revenue Officer Defense

  • Business Tax Issues (Specializing in Payroll Tax Issues)

  • Installment Agreement

  • Partial-Payment Agreements

  • Tax Settlements (Offer In Compromise)

  • State Tax Services

  • Penalty Abatement

  • Innocent Spouse Relief

  • Hardship Negotiation

  • Lien Release

  • Tax Preparation, including Amending Prior Returns

Our attorneys have been working with the IRS and all state taxing agencies on behalf of individuals and businesses for years now. We have managed well over a thousand tax resolution cases and saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. We fight for our clients as if they are friends and/or family members. Our attorneys are caring and fierce advocates for every one of their clients. We favor proactive planning and sensible, long-term solutions that work with our clients’ individual situations, we hope that we can be of service to you.

And the three little processes:

  • Free tax consult
  • Investigation &
  • Resolution

Testimonials & Reviews

I highly recommend Mrs. Gosnick’s services I have several different business, and at times Taxes can be overwhelming, Heather is a start to finish person, from day one she is aggressively gathers all needed information, and she monitors your case until closed. she has completed the past 5-7 years of taxes for me and I highly recommend her.
Tax wise, I was a disaster thanks to my ex-wife, and my own stupidity. Thankfully, Heather saved the day. I had garnishments, threatening letters etc. Heather put a stop to it all, and has really turned it around. So much so, that I will continue to allow her to do my taxes from now on.. A+ Tax Lawyer. You need help? She will come in like a super hero.. all that is missing is the cape!
It is frightening when you send your information through the Internet or call in response to an ad. You never know who you’re going to get. If you are one of the lucky ones, Heather will be the attorney who returns your call. Heather, not only knows tax law, but she cares. You always feel as if you are her only client. She is always there for you through the entire process. Heather is the best attorney experience I have ever had! Highly recommend, you will be glad you did to help yourself out!!
Absolutely the best decision I made to obtain Heather Gosnick to intervene with the IRS. I would most definitely recommend any one having issues with IRS to contact this attorney!
I found her to be professional, attentive and extremely knowledgeable in her field.
she took complete control of the issues and dealt directly with the IRS without me having to be in contact with them.
All issues have been resolved and I couldn’t be happier.
I highly recommend ANYONE facing tax problems to contact Heather Gosnick for a consultation.
****Heather Thank You So Much****
I was several years out on my taxes and Heather brought me up to date with Fed and state taxes. Worked with Fed tax agent and settled my account for time being. Heather was unbelievable in what she accomplished for me, I am truly very satisfied in her work. She has been a life savor to me.
When I first began working with Heather in 2013 I was beyond overwhelmed. Heather took care of everything and went above and beyond to get me in a good place. Not only does she continue to assist us professionally, but we have also built a relationship beyond “just business”. Heather truly cares about her clients and works for them no matter what it takes. She’s stuck with us for as long as she is willing now! Extremely highly recommend especially if you feel like it’s hopeless!
Tiffany Robinson
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